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Automation Testing in HSR Layout

Automation Testing in HSR Layout

krninformatix Academy, ranked as the finest manual training institute in HSR Layout, is the best place to study from industry-leading specialists and become a skilled manual tester.
This course will provide you with hands-on experience with popular testing technologies such as Selenium, Appium, and JMeter. You will get all of the experience and confidence required to become an automation tester through krninformatix Pay After Placement Program.

The course also teaches you about continuous Integration/Continuous and continuous testing tools as well as automation frameworks/programs, giving you a competitive advantage! Furthermore, this automation testing training in marathahalli will help to streamline testing operations, boost efficiency, and improve project quality. You'll also learn cutting-edge tools and methodologies with the opportunity to pay after placement - giving you the necessary skills and competence for automated testing while gaining credibility with a three-month internship certificate.

Key Features of Automation Testing Training

1 . 30 Hours Course Duration5 . 100% Job Oriented Training
2 . Industry Expert Faculties6 . Free Demo Class Available
3 . Completed 500+ Batches7 . Certification Guidance
4 . Hands on practicals or project8 . Mock Interview
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Why choose our automation testing course in HSR Layout?

  • Industry-Expert Instructors:

    Learn from industry veterans with extensive Selenium experience.

  • Hands-On Experience:

    Gain practical skills through real-world projects and interactive sessions.

  • Flexible Timings:

    Choose from weekday or weekend batches to accommodate your schedule.

  • State-of-the-Art Curriculum:

    Stay ahead with the latest Selenium content and industry best practices.

  • Certification:

    Validate your skills with our recognized Selenium certification upon course completion.

Course Highlights in HSR Layout?

  • Introduction to Automation Testing:

    Master the fundamentals and advantages of automation testing.

  • Selenium WebDriver Mastery:

    Dive deep into Selenium for efficient web automation

  • Testing Frameworks:

    Explore popular frameworks like TestNG and JUnit for effective test automation.

  • API Testing:

    Learn to automate API testing for comprehensive test coverage.

  • CI/CD Integration:

    Understand how automation seamlessly integrates into CI/CD pipelines.

Upcoming Batches

  • 11 November 2023


    Weekend(Saturday-Sunday) HSR Layout
  • 13 November 2023


    Weekdays(Monday-Friday) HSR Layout
  • 16 November 2023


    Weekdays(Monday-Friday) HSR Layout

Automation Testing Course Curriculum

It is a point of pride for krn informatix Technologies to offer the most comprehensive software testing education in Bangalore. The following topics are covered in the Automation testing course provided in Bangalore

Software Testing

1.What is Software Testing? Definition, Basics & Types
2.Sanity Testing Vs Smoke Testing: Introduction & Differences
3.What is Test Scenario? Template with Examples
4.Defect Management Process in Software Testing (Bug Report Template)
5.Agile Methodology & Model: Guide for Software Development & Testing

Fundamentals Of Java

1.Introduction to JAVA & installation of JAVA & Eclipse
2.Basic Java, Java Operators, Java data types, If Else statements, Loop statements, Constructors
3.Java Collections
  • Arrays, 2D Arrays, Array List, list
  • Collection framework
4.Java Strings
  • Introduction of Strings in Java, All the String validation methods
5. Java Variables & Methods
  • Variables in Java, Methods in Java
6.Java Access Specifiers
  • Acess Specifires in Java, Constructors in Java
7.Java OOPS Concepts
  • Class, Object & Packages
  • Inheritance Polymorphism
  • Abstraction, Encapulation
8.Exception Handling
  • Try Catch finally block, Interfaces, File Handling

Understanding Of HTML

1.Locators in Selenium (id, name, class name)
2.Dynamic Xpath and css selector creation
3. Following sibling
4.Preceding sibling

Automation Module 1

1.What is Automation Testing?
2.What is Selenium?
3.What is WebDriver?
5.Architecture of Selenium
6.Download Selenium Jars
7.Invoking for Web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge)
8.Navigation Commands
9.WebDriver Commands
10.FindElements Command
11.Waits in Selenium
12.Identifying and Interacting with HTML Elements using WebDriver

Automation Module 2

1.Check Box & Radio buttons
2.Drop Down
3.Multiple Selects
4.WebTable Handling
6.Handling iFrames
7.Window Handles
8.Action class: Mouse Events, Click, doubleClick, contectClick, dragAndDrop, clickAndHold,release, Tool tip verification, Keyboard Events
9.Java Script Executor
10.How to handle hidden elements
11.How to handle broken links
12.How to upload & Download file, Taking Screenshot
13.Excel Handling using Apache POI, Reading & Writing from excel sheet
14.Introduction to Maven Repository & Commands, POM.XML

Automation Module 3

1.TestNG Basics, Create TestNG.XML file / Test / TestSuite
2.Run from TestNG and Tags in TestNG.XML file
3.TestNG Annotations - Hands on to explain how its used in the projects
  • dependsonmethods/group
  • Priority
  • Groups
  • data provider
  • TestNG Listerners, Log 4j

Automation Module 4

1.Types of Frameworks
  • Data Driven
  • Page Object Model
  • Keywork Driven
  • Hybrid
  • BDD Cucumber (Overview of all frameworks)
2.Cucumber framework creation with POM
3.Cucumber framework creation with POM & Executing Automation scripts using BDD Framework

Introduction To API Testing (Via Postman Tool)

1.API Testing (Manual Postman)
2.Why API
3.Types of API (Rest & SOPUI)
4.API Collection
5.Basic of API Testing (Get, Post, Put and delete)
  • Understanding of Path,Query,Parameters and Headers
  • Authentication
  • Add Place API and Execution through postman
  • Response Code of API
  • Validation and assertion on response
6.Requirments of API
7.Understanding the API Contract

Skills Covered

1 . Java6 . Test NG10 . Selenium RC
2 . Selinium7 . Junit 11 . Selenium Test Script
3 . WebDriver 8 . Maven 12 . Selenium Grid
4 . Automation9 . Object Modeling 13 . Mobile Testing
5 . Web Alerts

Why Manual Testing certificate training

Around the world, more than a thousand of the most prestigious businesses have acknowledged krninformatix certificates.Once you have it, download the certificate.

  • 1 . Participate in our training programme for Automation testing.
  • 2 . After having finished the Real time Industry tasks and having been
  • 3 . Successful in completing the missions that were assigned to you

FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions

What is automation testing?

When compared to manual testing, automation testing is preferred due to its efficiency and accuracy. And the market has found this to be of great value.

What is automation testing training in Bangalore?

In order to give students practical experience with automation testing technologies like Selenium, Appium, and others, KRN informatix offers an Automation Testing Training in Marathahalli course.

What are the prerequisites for learning automation testing?

You should be comfortable with the command line, conversant with any programming language, and have a firm grasp of software testing fundamentals to get started with automation testing.

What are the topics covered in automation and test automation training in Bangalore?

Typical topics covered by Marathahalli-based automation testing courses include: getting started with automation testing; using automation testing tools; learning scripting languages and test automation frameworks; and more.

What is the duration of the automation testing training course in Bangalore?

Depending on the school or instructor, an automation testing training course in Marathahalli may last anywhere from 30 to 45 hours.

What is the mode of delivery for automation testing training in Marathahalli?

Classroom instruction, online instruction, and in-house business training are all viable options for imparting knowledge in the field of automation testing in Marathahalli.

What is the cost of automation testing training in Marathahalli?

Depending on the institute or instructor, the price of automation testing training in Marathahalli can be anywhere from INR 10,000 to INR 14,000.

What is the job outlook for automation testing professionals?

Professionals with expertise in building and running automated tests are in high demand in the software business. They are qualified for positions as varied as quality analyst, test engineer, and automation tester.

Is certification available for automation testing training in Marathahalli?

To answer your question, yes, there are a number of different certifications you may get after doing automation testing training in Marathahalli.

How can I find the best automation testing training institute in Marathahalli?

Researching online, reading reviews, and comparing course content, teachers, prices, and other variables will help you pick the finest automation testing training facility in Marathahalli. Before committing to a course, it's highly suggested that you pay the institute a visit and sit in on a demo session.

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